Produttori in Clavesana

Our Approach: Brand Identity, Market Segmentation, Tradition & Innovation

Clavesana operates within the LFR and HoReCa industries. We were set to create a new sub-brand exclusive for the HoReCa market, starting from the analysis of stakeholders and target audiences, and aiming for a strong brand identity and a clear distinction from the LFR segment.

 Produttori in Clavesana

Branding and restyling.

Expanding a brand rooted in local traditions

Two product lines were created for the new sub-brand, with original naming and logo design: main line TERRA and Cru line MITO. The restyling process focused first on labels, then on corporate communication and branding, moving on to booth design for Vinitaly trade fair.

 Produttori in Clavesana

Product design and labelling.

Contemporary design for stories of the wine-making Italian tradition

For the main line TERRA we chose to create original illustrations of the tools used daily in the winery, conveying the narrative of an historical, human-paced establishment.
Illustrations were then employed as graphic patterns for all corporate communication.
For labelling, we chose a clean design and bright colors for immediate readability.

For the MITO line, we opted for a bright red color, and an iconic typography typical of high-end wines.
The communication strategy for labelling has been designed to offer a contemporary take on the historical, classic labels. The choices made for paper, typography, and finishings qualify the product line as high-end and exclusive.

 Produttori in Clavesana


Armadio a direct-to-consumer platform for luxury leathergoods, aiming to create an immersive e-shopping experience in beautiful Italian locations.

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