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Our Approach: Immersive, Made-to-measure, Cost efficient

Online shopping often remains confined in the virtual space, losing the branding potential of the personalized experience and emotional involvement consumers get when shopping in store.

Armadio’s curated e-commerce platform was designed with the narrative of a travel diary: products are presented in a fully responsive, highly visual design, bringing the customer inside the workshops of Italian makers, for a local shopping experience - online.

Content creation

Building an immersive experience

All contents were created with the aim of building a solid storytelling, that could be capable of inspiring and involving customers further on outside of the cart page, reinforcing the brand’s identity outside of the platform itself.

We designed the customer’s email experience throughout tailor-made templates that expanded the storytelling themes of the website.

We shot and crafted the seasonal lookbooks to be presented in the unique form of video travel diaries in beautiful Italian destinations – the marble quarries in Levigliani, the workshop of marble sculptors in Pietrasanta, the noble historical villas in Lucca,…

 img amadio intro

Web design

Design ready to scale

In order to meet the needs of a business at start-up stage, we progressively worked on the customization of Shopify-based solutions, in order to guarantee high technical performances and scalability, flexibility for future at-need integrations, and efficiency of costs.

The customer’s email experience was also entirely tailor-designed and integrated through Mailchimp API.


A special attention for fashion companies

Responding to a fundamental need for an efficient and scalable fashion business, we proceeded to integrate in the e-shop all warehouse and fulfillment services; following a preliminary research specific for the fashion industry, we were prompted to select Bergen Logistics as the provider.


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