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Our Approach: Clarity, Usability, Reliability

We worked with Dante Labs from the very first stages of the company.
When designing for medical science/healthcare services, all the user-side communication, from UX/UI design to packaging, needs to be one thing above all else: clear. Transparency towards researchers, reliability for general customers, so that any user can be able to easily comprehend and access the services, and most importantly the benefits, provided by Dante Labs.

Flexibility was also key: our teams were fluidly shifting according to the needs of a start-up company growing rapidly on the global market, continuously adding high volumes of new customer segments, both B2C and B2B: medical professionals and hospitals, researchers and research centers, patients affected by rare diseases, but also people interested in preventive healthcare.

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brand image and brand voice.

Building trust with peers and users

The preliminary market research and study of competitors was the first step to take before initiating the work on branding. Especially with the presence of one dominant competitor already on the market – 23andMe -, it was essential to highlight the differences and strengths that could become Dante Labs’ pillars for unique, recognizable brand identity.

Further in the process, special attention was devoted to all communication materials, including press releases and investors decks. It was essential to convey the scientific content in a tone of voice crafted in the name of clarity and transparency, to continue building trust within both the scientific and the general users’ communities.

As the brand expanded with collaborations with research institutes, pharmacies, etc. packaging design and corporate communication materials received special attention in order to keep the branding of a younger company consistent when partnering with more established realities.

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web design.

Guiding the user through complexity

It was fundamental for usability to remain the focus of web design at all times: the user needed to be accompanied and facilitated in approaching a delicate and complex process – such as his personalized genomic report and data in the DNA Kit Manager area.

On the development side, we implemented all tools needed to make a complex flow the most agile for a start-up business: Shopify-based shopping features were seamlessly integrated in the custom website, and the infrastructures for the DNA Kit Manager were integrated with the user’s admin area along with all needed 3-PL services.

Code-side SEO practices allowed the website to escalate search engine rankings rapidly up to a score of 75+.

animation graphic and packaging.

Motion graphics for scientific communication

Custom designed illustrations, renderings and animation graphics were largely used for Dante Labs website, social media, and advertising, as the best practice to familiarize customers with complex concepts and instructions.


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