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Our Approach: Growth support, Quality, Identity

An established brand with a global growth vocation such as Newton Baby requires, first of all, a dedicated Team capable of offering support responsively, on strict deadlines, and with high precision, never compromising the quality of deliverables. We are constantly implementing our resources for Project Management to accompany the brand, and ensure the most efficient communication at all times.

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Graphic design and packaging.

Consumer experience and cross-platform engagement

A solid branding and consumer experience is essential to continue developing the highly engaged community Newton Baby has built around the brand throughout the years.

Developing and observing the Brand Guide is always our graphic Team first and fundamental step. From product packaging to all elements of corporate communications, branding elements are coherent and easily recognized at first sight.

In support of the global vocation of the brand, we expanded our collaboration working towards national and international trade shows, curating the realization from booth design to set-up, including all collaterals such as pamphlets, decoration elements, etc.

Social media content production is also pivotal for a Company at this stage: our Facebook and Instagram designers work every day to meet the editorial and advertising needs of the brand with photo and video editing and motion graphics, including working at collaboration with other brands, such as joint giveaways and promotions.

When shooting, we are mindful to deliver content that will be usable across all different platforms and channels Newton Baby employs, in order to put production budget to maximum efficiency: e-shop and digital store fronts, print advertising and corporate communications, digital advertising and social media.

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Web design.

Designing for growth

Newton Baby’s custom designed website and e-shop require daily monitoring: our Team of developers and UI/UX designers is always working to meet the increasing volumes of traffic of a business quickly expanding globally.

enhanced brand content and digital storefront.

Brand identity and branded content

Maintaining the brand identity is crucial for established brand when approaching digital store fronts, be it on Amazon or at Buy Buy Baby.

Our Team of developers and designers coordinated closely with the management at Newton Baby when creating the personalized store-front on Amazon, in order to support the growth of the brand’s engagement throughout different sale channels, while ensuring brand recognition was maintained at all levels.


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